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Models of Secur-pak bags



(width x length)


Night deposit - small businesses

7” x 12”


Night deposit - medium businesses

9” x 12”


Cash transport - 2,000 bills approx.

12” x 16”


Cash transport - 4,000 bills approx.

13” x 19.5”


Cash transport - 4-6,000 bills aprox.

15” x 19.5”


Cash transport - 8,000 bills approx.

19” x 19.5”


Cash transport - 10-12,000 bills approx.

19” x 24”


Cash transport - 14,000 bills approx.

22” x 24”


Cash transport - 16,000 bills approx.

19” x 28”


Cash transport - 18,000 bills approx.

25” x 24”


Cash transport - 22,000 bills approx.

22” x 33”

Security features:

  • SECUR-PAK tape closure exceeds all bank requirements for levels of tamper-evidence at temperatures ranging from -60°F to 160°F.
  • SECUR-PAK bags are made of strong co-extruded (and completely recyclable) plastic. Thickness range from 2.25 nil to 5.0 nil, depending upon the size and capacity requirements. SECUR-PAK bags are protected by a patented closure system (US PATENT #5,405,197 CANADIAN PATENT #1,334,955).
  • SECUR-PAK tape is tamper-evident to a very high degree. It is fully resistant to Freon, dry ice and all other temperature-controlling agents, utilizing "VOID" tamper-indicating graphics that give instantaneous visible evidence of any such attacks. Heat-indicating "BLUE DOT" graphics appear when attempts to enter the bag are made using heat from a hair dryer, vehicle heater or other source. Should someone attempt to open the bag using such agents, the tape will destruct in such a way so that it will be impossible to replace without leaving clearly visible signs of tampering.
  • SECUR-PAK bags feature a "PICK-OFF" ink on the surface of the tape. If an attempt to enter the bag is made by supporting the tape with a firmer substance, this "PICK-OFF" ink will be lifted off of the tape when that support is removed.
  • The bottom edges of our SECUR-PAK bags are folded, not sealed; any attempt to enter the bag through the bottom would require puncturing the bag, which would be instantly visible as a sign of tampering.
  • The sides of SECUR-PAK bags are closed with pouch seals. These seals are 1/16" wide and are indented by a minimum of 1/8" from the sides of the bag. With pouch seals, it is impossible to slit the side of the bag and then reseal it with a lighter. With a bag that is simply sealed along the edges, it is easy to do this without leaving evidence of tampering.
  • All SECUR-PAK bags are printed with unique serial numbers, both on the bag itself and on the receipt. Without these numbers, it would be a simple thing for a thief to steal a bag and replace it with a duplicate - tactic that might not be noticed until it was too late. Bar coding is also available to meet your specifications.
  • SECUR-PAK BAGS can be custom manufactured to meet your design preferences and specific shipping requirements, as well as those of your clients.

     The "Securpak" tamper evident plastic bags are the most secure way to transport cash from one point to another. These bags have been designed in a form that it's not possible to have access to the contents inside without showing evidence of the act of tampering. The seal of the Secur-pak bag is unique, it has passed all the test for violation of the seal by means of exposing to low temperatures (sub-zero agents) and heat with the purpose of opening the bag without leaving no evidence. When the seal is exposed to a freezing agent it will show the "VOID" indication, and in the other case, if heat is used, blue dots indicators will appear.

     Because the Secur-pak bags have their own seal (self-adhesive), this feature represent savings for banks in costs of the transport of cash, in what means that is not necessary the purchase of textile bags, or plastic bags and plastic security seals.