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    Transport and installation of bank equipment

We can transport and do installation of equipment like: safes, vault doors, bank safes, night depositories, safe deposit boxes nests, and others...to all the locations within our country. Serviced by a qualified personnel, trained to handle any tonnage, without the risk of damaging the structure of your building.

    Cleaning and polishing :

Cleaning of vault doors, night depositories, safe deposit boxes nests and other bank equipment, with special products that will keep a perfect shine in the stainless steel fascia. Lubrication of the bolt-work mechanism of the vault doors, bank safes, night depositories and other equipment.

Safe deposit box opening :

Safe deposit box openings for situations like when a customer has lost his/her key.

Safe opening:

Opening on safes, vault doors, "B rated" lockers, etc...for cases like when the user has lost his/her combination or if there's a mechanical problem with the lock.


We have service plans for banks and financial institutions.

Within the services we offer are:

Combination changes:

We change combinations for safes, bank-safes, vault doors, night depositories, lockers, of high security brands, such as: "Sargent & Greenleaf", "Lagard", "Mosler", "Diebold" and others.

Combination locks maintenance :

Check of the condition of the inner wheels and other parts. Lubrication of all the moving parts to assure a correct operation all the time.