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Clearing Safe (model PC-023)
Package receiver (model PC-1245)


  • Complete steel construction: the door is 1/4" thick and the body can be either 1/4" or 1/8" thick.
  • Each door is secured with a DL #370 key-lock.
  • The package receiver comes with the interlocking mechanism has a standard feature, with this security feature only one door can open at a time, both doors opened at the same time it is not possible. This mechanism is optional for the clearing safes, but it can be included.
  • The design allows the unit to be adjustable according to the wall thickness of your desire (must specify the required wall dimemsion).
  • Painted finish with a special coating of 3 layers.
  • Made in Canada by Sécurifort.
  • The dimensions of the clearing safe model PC-023 are: 19" high x 17" wide (inside opening). See picture below.
  • The dimensions of the package receiver model PC-1245 are: 34 1/2" high x 19 3/4" wide x 13 7/8" deep (inside opening). See picture below.
  • We can manufacture package receivers and clearing safes according to your special needs.
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