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"Sécurifort" TL-30 night depository

General specs:

  • Unit for bags, the compartment to receive the deposits only operates when the user uses the key.
  • Anti-fishing mechanism.
  • The door of the receiving chest it's secured with combination lock with key-locking dial or double combination locks, manipulation resistant.
  • Stainless steel fascia (outside).
  • Exterior light
  • Integrated alarm devices, ready to be interconnected to main alarm system of the branch or building.
  • 25 keys. C1 & C2 models come with 50 keys.
  • Maintenance free mechanism.
The C2 night depositories are the maximum security category in the night depository department, simply "best of the best"; the body is 5" thick in each side and the door is 7 5/8" of overall thickness. These depositories are certified by Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada (ULC). If you were looking for the most secure night depository, you've found it!
The TL-30 night depositories are "composite safe" type construction, thus, offering double protection: Burglary and Fire (1 hour), the body has 3 1/2" in each side and the door is 5 5/8" approx overall.

"Sécurifort" C2 night depository (ULC)

    Our night depositories are certified by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) and Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada (ULC), they have been designed with security mechanisms that prevent the extraction of bags inside the receiving chest. We have different models, according to customer requirements: "C" rated, TL-15, TL-30, C1 an C2 (ULC)


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