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Previous work experience :
    Banco Popular Dominicano. 1973- '99.
International Division, Operations Divisions, Security and Investigations Division.

1999 to present.
Sistemas Integrados de Seguridad - President.

 Mr. José Gómez has more than 35 years of experience in bank and industrial security, he posses a solid professional background in this area. Within the courses he has taken are:

UASD: Frauds in bank transactions.

UCMM: international banking.

UCMM: Currency and banks.

Instituto Cultural-Dominico Americano: Fraud and investigations.

Banco Popular Puerto Rico, San Juan.1987. Operational systems in international business.

Segur- Bank, Caracas, Venezuela.1993. Bank operations, industrial security.

Impresora Merpro, Caracas Venezuela.1994. Security systems for check printing.

Bancos Unión y Cafetero, Santa Fé de Bogotá Colombia.1995. Training in operational systems.

Jhonson Controls, San Juan, Puerto Rico.1997. Training in security systems at the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Operations center (Cupey Center). Study/evaluation of intelligent buildings at the pharmaceutical industries in Dorado, San Juan Puerto Rico.

Andover Controls. Training in integration systems of access control and building management through software.

    Andover, Massachusetts, E.U.A. 1998. Training tour at Lucent Technologies facilities.

América Security Expo de Miami. Annual seminars of: security, CCTV, integration systems of control access with technology for automation and improved efficiency of energy systems, elevators, lighting, etc.

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. 1998. Training/evaluation of the security systems at the different departments of the Operations Center(Cupey Center) and the Popular Center – Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

José A. Gómez Morel
Our President :