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Outside view of the "American Vault" drive-thru bank window, model 330-5.

All American Vault products are manufactured according to rigorous standards combining high quality craftsmanship and materials. This combination, plus their commitment to perfection, results in one of the best drive-thru systems available nowadays in the market.

The vision windows are constructed with bullet-proof glass (UL certified: Level1); these windows are available in different standard sizes: 3'x5', 3'x8', 3'x10' and 3'x15'.

The American Vault deal drawer have a "heavy duty" design in all their parts and mechanism, thus, assuring a correct operation on a daily basis; it has a dual mode function: electric or manual. Equal to the vision windows, this product is UL certified with a Level 1 in the ballistics test.

The remote transaction units (700 series) for the drive-thru system with more than one lane, have been designed so the whole unit including movable parts (blowers) are located at the customer's units (islands of the lanes), not in the roof like other brands, thus avoiding complications in the installation and allowing an easy and safe access to the components in the event of maintenance service.

A detailed view of the "American Vault" deal drawer for drive-thru bank systems.


Vision windows:

  • The frames of the windows have a stainless steel finish and the bullet-proof glass has thickness of 1 3/16". It is UL certified (Level 1)

Deal drawers :

  • The deal drawers can go from 12" to 18" extended for the opening.
  • It has a bullet-proof construction (UL Level 1).
  • Dual function mode: electric or manual (in case of power loss)
  • Big space for the customers: 12" wide x 9" deep x 6" high. I can handle a weight of 300 lbs without problem.
  • Paper clip included.
  • Pre-wired, ready to be interconnected to other audio components of the system.
  • It has a lock to block the opening in after-work hours.
  • Stainless steel finish.

Remote transaction unit :

  • Designed for easy installation; 4 1/2" tubing; the blowers, movable parts and electronics are all integrated in this unit, avoiding complicated and unsafe work when dealing with equipment inside the canopy (roof) like other brands.
  • Each unit has two blowers/motors inside to eliminate stress and provide a long-life working cycle.
  • Al internal components are made of aluminum and stainless steel, and outside parts are treated with a special powder coated anti-corrosive paint.
  • Available also with LCD screen for a simultaneous audio/video communication between the teller and the customer.


The "American Vault" remote transaction units for drive-thru bank systems of several lanes (700 series).
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