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"Sécurifort" 5022-X6 Money-safe for 3 or 4 tellers (UL TL-30X6 label)
Outside and inside view of the "Sécurifort" 3822-X6 money-safe, this unit is designed for 2 tellers. (UL TL-30X6 label)
This is a "Sécurifort" 6222-CL5 money-safe. The body is 5" thick on each side and the door has a 7 5/8" overall thickness. ULC CLASS 5 certification; it has an incredible high degree of torch and explosives resistance. One of the top high security products in the market.
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"Sécurifort" Money-Safe model 6222-X6 for five tellers, with UL TL-30X6 label.
"Sécurifort" money-safe model 7236-X6 for 12 teller's branches, with UL TL-30X6 label.

The money-safe is a high security portable vault room, which is used in banks and financial institutions, and has the peculiarity of having built-in inner compartments for tellers and cash reserve. This type of design combines multifunctional use and high security, making it suitable for the storage of large cash amounts, documents and other values in branches located in plazas, supermarkets and remote small branches.

The money-safe provides savings above the 50% in construction costs of bank branches in regards to:

1. Construction of a vault room with armored concrete standards.

2. Purchase of a high security vault door (e.g. CLASS I or CLASS II)

3. Purchase of teller lockers for the storage of cash.

4. Space.

General specs:

  • Security standards certified by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL).
  • Availability in different security levels, according to customers requirements:TL-15 / TL-30 / TL-30X6 / TRTL-15X6 / TRTL-30 / TRTL-30X6 / ULC CLASS 4 / ULC
  • Double protection on composite models: Burglary-Fire protection.
  • Burglary resistant to attacks with mechanical and power tools, such as: power drills, high speed cutting wheels, abrasive wheels, jackhammers, sledgehammers, prying bars, and others.
  • One hour fire protection.
  • The body is 3 1/2" thick on each side and the door is 5 5/8" overall.
  • Bolt-work mechanism is 1 1/2" thick.
  • Two movements resettable "S&G" timelock.
  • Integrated alarm devices ready to be interconnected to main alarm system.
  • Two "S&G" combination locks on door, manipulation resistant.
  • Anchor holes kit .
  • Models designed for 4,6,8,10 and 12 tellers (according to customer requirements)
  • Teller's compartments to place in the cash tray, secured with double combination locks.
  • Large compartments to store the cash reserves of the branch, secured with double combination locks.
  • Painted finish, in different colors: medium gray, aluminum gray, beige and others (request our color chart)
  • Weight (e.g.: Money-safe TL-30X6 for 6 tellers = 6,180 lbs.)
  • Canadian manufacturing.
  • In stock.